It started as an adventure! An adventure that was for a love of a Dane and the challenge that she offered on our first time out as a team. That adventure eventually lead me to the world of professional handling and to Judy Watson (Professional Handler) who nurtured, molded and become not only my teacher but my mentor as well. Over the year's Judy's teachings have been to my benefit and the benefit of my client's dogs (as well as my own).

A team consists of myself and a dog, be it my own or a clients. Such teams are a two-way result of bonding, respect, understanding and love between my four-footed partner(s) and myself and have resulted in multiple BIS, BISS, BOSS, BPIS, PBISS, PBIG, Group Placements, Breed Placements.

Listed below are breeds that I have shown. Photos will continue to be added to this page as I love to showcase the dogs that I have been privileged to show!

Click the breed name below to see a few of the dogs I have handled over the years.

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